What is the future of cloud computing in web 3.0 ?

The internet has grown at an unprecedented rate over the past 20 years, and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. In order to keep up with this growth, Web 3.0 or Cloud Computing was developed to allow consumers access to information anywhere they have an internet connection and remove their need to download large files onto… Continue Reading

Exciting Fence Tech. To Look For in 2020 and beyond

Communication: Smartphones and the instant messaging service has already transformed the quality of communication in the fence industry and you’ll soon see revolution in real-time information sharing. Furthermore real-time project management tools such as FenceERP provides one central system to manage all forms of communication. Robotics: Over the next few years robots will carry out all the tasks that can… Continue Reading

Top 3 Features to Consider When Investing in A Digitized Fence Estimating Software

01. Cloud based With today’s pervasive data networks, you can see significant gains by taking advantage of a cloud-based software. Instead of being tied down to a single system, login and access files from anywhere with cloud based software system. This means you can access estimating software whether you are in the office, or at home or anywhere on the… Continue Reading
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How to Connect Site with Office Effortlessly?

Communication is the key factor in getting a fence construction job done successfully. On the other hand bad communication may lead to unforeseen circumstances, things can go badly wrong and in the worst cases in the hands of lawyers and project may become famous for all the wrong reasons. Paper based methods are headache. They make organizing tough. Often vital… Continue Reading

Late Payments or Non-Payments for Fence Companies: How to Keep Your Business Healthy by Getting Paid Fast?

Late payments and unanswered invoices are a huge headache in Fence Industry. You seldom receive the payment of your work at the right time and with the exact amount. But cashflow is the bloodline of your business and it needs to be on time. Late payments affect your ability to provide capital for your staff, maintain tools, upgrade equipment and… Continue Reading
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More Accurate Estimate in Fence Industry as Never Before

The good thing about better estimate is that they lead to more money in the bank. Losing profits is never a contributing factor. So having some basic understanding of job costing isn’t just desirable, it’s necessary. In our recent study of self identified business owners, estimators, finance managers and accountants within the fence industry more than 73% said that two… Continue Reading
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Real-time Information: Why it Matters in Fence Construction

Time lapse between main office and fence construction sites to update information is a major problem since inception. Gap in information flow makes it tough keeping project on time and budget. Simply explaining information flow is similarly important as the flow of blood in body. Problem in this flow hinders the smooth functioning of all other organs of a fence… Continue Reading
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Digital Innovation: The Number One Priority To Improve Communication In Fence Industry

Improper communication can ultimately lead to serious job-site accidents, injuries, fatal accidents, employee problems and reworks. Team reacts differently than expected when communication fails. Often problems in fence construction are referred as communication problems. Areas predominantly affected by miscommunication are timetable, quality, safety, profits and productivity. Major Causes of Miscommunication: Unclear handwriting, mistakes, incomplete documents, information not within easy reach,… Continue Reading
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Mobile Technology Transformation Challenges Fence Companies Need To Overcome

We all have powerful computers in our pockets - The Mobile Phones. They have unlimited potential. Everyone uses them and fence industry is no different. It’s no surprise that from worker to project manager, every person in your team has their “own” smartphones. Just imagine a worker clocking in with mobile, another compiling a report using his smartphone, project manager… Continue Reading

How to Deliver a Fence Project On Time and Budget

Working on a fence construction project is never easy. Many people are involved. As well as office and job sites are connected strongly otherwise planning and development suffer. In order to deliver a project as per planning all the tasks are closely tied together and all their responsibilities should be followed with great precision. Faster communication, instant information access, automating… Continue Reading
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