Checklist for Boosting Conversion Rates This Holiday Season

Holiday season, the time of year when e-commerce sales spike up exponentially. In 2016, holiday sales alone takes place over 21.2% of the total sales. It’s best time of entire year to skyrocket the revenue. But before expecting any harvest, sowing is needed. Keeping the trends in mind, here we are with a Checklist that will help you boost the… Continue Reading
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Is your eCommerce site ready for the Christmas Rush

Holiday e-commerce spending is going to breakthrough $100 billion in 2017 in the U.S. alone, according to a study released by Adobe. Last year, holiday sales alone take place over 21.2% of the total sales. This season is the best time of entire year to skyrocket the revenue. With more people shopping online than in-store, gearing up your e-commerce site… Continue Reading
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How To Win Big With Mobile First Approach This Holiday Season

The first time more consumers shopped online than in-store was Black Friday 2015. Since then the graphs of online shopping are exponentially increasing. Perhaps greater shocking statistics is- more than half of that online traffic comes from mobile rather than desktop. Last year 70% of Wal-Mart’s Black Friday traffic came through mobile devices only. It’s clear - Mobile is above… Continue Reading
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It’s October : Is Your Website Ready For This Holiday Season?

With every passing moment, we're getting closer to the biggest shopping season of the year: November and December. Once upon a time, Black Friday was the kick-off day for brick and mortar stores to promote holiday sale. More recently, the Internet has changed many things, including the how and when companies interact with their customers. The holidays seem to come… Continue Reading
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Why Android Oreo is so Yummy!

Finally, Android Oreo is fully baked. A number of handsets are going to obtain Oreo by the end of the year. So you can get prepare for all these delicious changes as soon as your update arrives: Better Battery Life: Evolving from Nougat to Oreo, android is going to improve one of the most crucial elements of smart phones, the… Continue Reading

Is Your Website Ready for Google’s Latest Mobile Algorithm Update?

Google search is shifting to Mobile First Index. Soon google search results will be based primarily on the Mobile Index rather than the desktop. Which simply means that those websites which give fantastic mobile experience will possess a better page ranking in google search results. They will be prefered over the other websites. IT’S THE TIME Finally the time has… Continue Reading
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Secrets To Customer Focused E-Commerce Website

Possessing an e-commerce website is same as having an international shopping mall. It opens this entire planet for you. Now you are empowered to attract the customers from the whole wide world. So it’s time to think what customers will actually feel when they will come to your website. And what are the appropriate changes you can do on the… Continue Reading

How to Listen The Unspoken Voice of a Customer

A very few people know that the soul of a victorious business is the Customer is first frame of mind. This mentality gives you a powerful attitude of seeking customers’ true needs. With this mindset you will never again consider the customer as a sales possibility, rather you will have those amazing eyes which will seek to see the actual… Continue Reading
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Why Progressive Web Apps Can Kill Mobile Apps

It’s all started when Google find that the content of the native Apps cannot be displayed in the search engine as they cannot be crawled by Google crawlers. Google proposed solution to this problem by introducing Progressive Web Apps which combine the best of web and mobile apps. Think of it as a website built using web technologies but that… Continue Reading