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Development Company

Softgetix Inc. is an entire software and back end development firm with a history of success. Our back-end development team builds high-performance, safeguard solutions for each client. With reliable back-end code, you can unlock your digital core transformation.

Back End Development Services We Provide

Web Applications

Use our backend services for web development to ensure that your website runs smoothly and efficiently. Our Professional web developers will offer better performance management with enhanced stability, whether it's a complex system, website, or Smart infrastructures.

Custom Development

Seeking a Back-end company to help you put your business idea into practice? Please feel free to contact us if you require a customized back-end infrastructure. Upgrade, improve, or migrate your Back-end quickly and affordably.

API Development and Integration

We may create a bespoke API to improve your current software or integrate it into third-party services. So that you can easily integrate your UI/UX with other apps, devices and corporate systems.

Benefits of our Back End Development Services

1. Whole Back-end Development cycle

Our back-end company offers an extensive range of software development services for website, pc, and mobile services for businesses of all sizes. Our development team handles all phases of custom production, from business analysis to post-production maintenance.

2. End-to-end encryption

Our Back-end engineers stick to the most recent security protocols to ensure the safety of your software and data products. All back-end software securely transports data between system components.

3. Scalability

Softgetix inc. The team provides solutions that support development in a simple and efficient manner. Scale your systems to satisfy changing requirements without sacrificing quality.

Our Back End Development Process

1Send your project specifications

We begin by thoroughly examining your technological requirements and business objectives. You can email us specifications if you need to recruit a certain back-end developer.

2Get an estimate

Our software experts calculate the scope of work and deadlines. We match the best hires with your project requirements for outstaffing services.

3Choose a model of collaboration

Next we meet with you to determine the best implementation approach for you. You make the final decision based on the project's timeline, complexity, and other factors.

4Recruitment and development

We start the development process once you have decided on the best candidates. You are invited to monitor the progress immediately, assign tasks, and implement required changes.

5Supply and Maintenance

Once your solution is complete, our Q&A engineers thoroughly tests it to ensure that there are no bugs. We also provide post-production maintenance services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each project requires its own combination of back-end technology. As a result, no universal back-end languages exist. JavaScript, PHP, Python, and other programming languages are among the most popular choices for server-side development. We integrate your project with the most appropriate technology stacks, regardless of language, to enable faster development, expansion opportunities, and application responsiveness.

Server-side is required for data storage and management, app hosting, and better security. It also talks with the frontend to ensure that the data is shown correctly.

Case Studies

Category :   Sales Data Analytics Tool

Distribution Model :   SaaS

Sales Data as a Service (DaaS) enables companies to outsource their data collection and analysis to a third-party cloud-based tool to gather sales data and gauge sales performance. It is used to identify, optimize, and forecast sales. It uses different metrics and KPIs to plan an efficient sales model that generates higher revenue for the business. Sales DaaS gives companies the ability to gain access to the data and sales insights they need within a matter of a few simple clicks. .....more

Partnership Models :   Dedicated Team

Technologies :
Big Data
Web Services
Cloud Computing
Data Warehousing
Artificial Intelligence
Data Management
Data Structure

Case Studies


Category:  SaaS ERP

Sector :   Fence Construction

An ERP application for the Fence construction industry with features like customer management, work order scheduling and management, bid management, proposal management, RFIs, user management, location management with Google API, foreman scheduling, advanced search options, work items, site sheet, FDAs, purchase order, material management, quote management, generate various kind of reports and more.

Partnership Models :   Dedicated Team

Technologies :
Twitter Bootstrap

Case Studies

Category:  HRM Tool

Distribution model:   Multitenant Membership

EasyHire is the leading HR software solution to find, screen, interview, background check, hire, and manage employees & contractors. Here you can post and manage job listings across the leading job boards, including Indeed, LinkedIn and Google. Also, embed a careers page and job form directly on your website. Receive and store job applications in one platform. Connect your calendar account to start scheduling interviews. Run a background check and more.

Partnership Models :   Team Augmentation

Technologies :
Twitter Bootstrap

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