Dedicated development

We provide dedicated teams of developers, User interface designers, and software testers in addition to mixed teams made up of various IT specialists.

To improve your project development, work with a dedicated team at softgetix inc. For projects of all sizes and in all industries, we at our firm offer the services of expert development teams. Our specialist teams are made up of skilled programmers, softgetix engineers, and other experts who give your project their entire focus.

By hiring a specialist software development team, you may outsource all administrative tasks and boost your on-site technical capability at the same time.

  • PHP developers
  • Laravel developers
  • Codeigniter developers

  • WordPress developers
  • React Native developers
  • MongoDB developers

  • Graphic designers
  • HTML5 coders
  • Tailwind CSS

  • Vue.js developers
  • React.js developers
  • Node.js developers

  • Manual QA
  • Bootstrap
  • MySQL developers

  • Project managers
  • PostgreSQL Developer


Type of Dedicated Development Team

Use our professional software development team services to have total control over every part of the development process. We provide a variety of dedicated software development options to meet the specific needs of our clients.

  • QA and testing team
  • R&D services providers
  • IT consulting team
  • Software support and maintenance team
  • UX/UI designers

Benefits of Having Dedicated Development Team

1. Access To Talent

When your country is facing talent crunch, a dedicated development team is the best option for you. We can help you quickly assemble individuals and your entire team with a variety of technical skill sets, seniority levels, English language proficiency and technical background.

2. Simple Scalability

Feel like you might use a few new developers for your current project? No worry; we can assist you with that. When your workload fluctuates, scale up or down as needed. Leave the hiring and firing of programmers to us so you can focus on enjoying the creation of your product.

3. Direct Communication

Frequently interact with your software engineers and participate in the software development process. Dedicated programmers are hired specifically for your project. Have a one-on-one discussion with the team to discuss your demands and expectations. You'll be able to communicate all of your objectives directly to the person in control of design, development, or quality assurance as a result.

4. Learn and grow for a better business

Every project, in our perspective, has its lessons to be learned, and as bespoke software developers, our experience has shown us that every project has its own special difficulties. We have improved as developers over the years, and we hope to keep doing so with each project we do.

5. Close-knit teams work better

As a result of their close-knit teams, experienced developers are able to work on each project with a greater degree of commitment. We know how to build each group to include engineers who are not only skilled but also familiar, as integration is what keeps people enthusiastic and efficient.

Our Dedicated Development Team Setup Process

1Send your specifications

You will get your expert developers more quickly the more information you submit with us. Give us a list of the experts you have, along with their senior level and technical stack, or get in touch with us to arrange a meeting so we can go over the details of your project.

2Examine vetted resumes

We will choose applicants based on your specifications. You will receive the appropriate profiles of any team members you desire, such as software engineers. If you want, you can ask for an interview with the candidates in person or by video call in our office.

3Supervising software developers

Your professional developers are under your direct supervision; there is no mediator. We only keep an eye on their performance and give the right place to work in it without interfering in your project.

4Experience stress-free development

As we manage the rest, step right into the development phase. We provide your team with all the resources, locations, and perks they require. Payroll, budgeting, employment, and recruitment are all our responsibility.

What are the characteristics of a dedicated development team?

We believe that these characteristics will assist you in selecting or establishing an excellent development team. This article is an excellent place to start the analysis, but there are a lot more variables to consider, from how to choose the development company to the specific criteria related to your area of work. If you're looking for a professional, committed development team, we are glad to give you the team you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dedicated team is an engagement strategy that assumes the creation of a focus on various to its own structure and management. With this hiring strategy, you may selectively hire a team based on requirements, knowledge level, and budget. It is ideal for lengthy projects with hazy criteria or large internal client company initiatives if they do not have internal staff. While the administrative duties are handled by the provider, the client can directly supervise this team.

Depending on the requirement of a project, this team structure consists of highly skilled tech experts. Web developers, QA engineers,web app developers, and UX/UI designers are all available from our organization to work only on your project. This technique is an affordable solution because it integrates technical expertise with low investment.

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