Front End
Development Company

We are a front end development company that offers outstanding visual experiences across platforms. Our development team produces interactive apps in which the user interface and functionality are flawlessly integrated. Softgetix inc. can help you engage your clients as well as provide powerful user experiences.

Front End Development Services We Provide

Customize Web Apps

We provide front end development services to assist you design a customized solution for your business plan. Our professional development team examines your project's specific needs and offers a functioning and well-thought-out front-end.

User interface Design

Our front end development company can construct UI/UX website designs from scratch and work with design mock-ups. We use the latest technologies to create user-friendly and efficient interfaces.

Legacy application migration

Replace outdated and inefficient user interfaces with advanced solutions that look great on every screen. Our front-end developers will help you migrate to new front-end technologies.

Maintenance and Support

Deploy a professional team of designers to maintain your interfaces. For increasing user engagement, we maintain as well as provide high-quality support for your applications.

Benefits Front End Development Services

1. Fast Development And User-Driven Outcomes

Using appropriate current frameworks would speed up element development. Also, the path to success is shorter. The front-end space may be ready for use in a short amount of time.

2. Apps and features that react quickly

Designers may use the latest frameworks and technologies to design fast-responding features and architectures, allowing the app to respond, react, and function efficiently.

3. Effective Features and Layouts

Because of the default formats, frameworks used by front-end developers would have a benefit in developing efficient websites. Eventually, the whole result will show prominently on the web because of its outstanding functions.

4. Programming in Real Time

The designer may observe the changes in the browser without concerns about losing the application's functionality or having to reload the web pages.

Our Front End Development Process

1Requirement Gathering

The concentration will be on documentation initially, in order to achieve transparency and better understanding on both sides and also get everyone on the same page.

2Designs, Wireframes, & Mockups

We assist our clients in designing interactive and fascinating UI designs which explain the user-friendly flow of a web/app/platform.

3Prototype Demo

After finalizing and receiving design approval, we freeze the scope and assist our client with a demo or concept to get a sense of the software platform's and feel.

4Changes And Confirmation

Clients are free to add and specify additional changes needed in the existing platform according to their specific requirements. We'll move forward with the customer's consent.


With client consent, we initiate development with the technology ideally suited for you and provide outcomes within the timeline promised by our technical team.

6Support And Maintenance

We offer free support and assistance in accordance with the conditions of our agreement. We also provide either monthly or annual subscriptions based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each project requires its own combination of front-end technology. As a result, no universal front-end languages exist. Vue.js, and jQuery. Regardless of the technology, our team of software engineers will examine your project requirements and pick the appropriate collection of languages and frameworks to create visually appealing solutions.

Front-end development is essential for creating simple and business-focused user experiences for online apps or websites. It is in charge of communicating corporate branding and making a good first impression.

Case Studies

Category :   Sales Data Analytics Tool

Distribution Model :   SaaS

Sales Data as a Service (DaaS) enables companies to outsource their data collection and analysis to a third-party cloud-based tool to gather sales data and gauge sales performance. It is used to identify, optimize, and forecast sales. It uses different metrics and KPIs to plan an efficient sales model that generates higher revenue for the business. Sales DaaS gives companies the ability to gain access to the data and sales insights they need within a matter of a few simple clicks. .....more

Partnership Models :   Dedicated Team

Technologies :
Big Data
Web Services
Cloud Computing
Data Warehousing
Artificial Intelligence
Data Management
Data Structure

Case Studies


Category:  SaaS ERP

Sector :   Fence Construction

An ERP application for the Fence construction industry with features like customer management, work order scheduling and management, bid management, proposal management, RFIs, user management, location management with Google API, foreman scheduling, advanced search options, work items, site sheet, FDAs, purchase order, material management, quote management, generate various kind of reports and more.

Partnership Models :   Dedicated Team

Technologies :
Twitter Bootstrap

Case Studies

Category:  HRM Tool

Distribution model:   Multitenant Membership

EasyHire is the leading HR software solution to find, screen, interview, background check, hire, and manage employees & contractors. Here you can post and manage job listings across the leading job boards, including Indeed, LinkedIn and Google. Also, embed a careers page and job form directly on your website. Receive and store job applications in one platform. Connect your calendar account to start scheduling interviews. Run a background check and more.

Partnership Models :   Team Augmentation

Technologies :
Twitter Bootstrap

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